Wednesday, November 08, 2006

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When did wind stop being fun? By that I’m of course referring to the wind that makes leaves and plastic bags twirl around as apposed to the bodily function (which is still fun for lots of people!). Windy days used to be a great source of entertainment, you could fly kites, go higher on the swings and even let it push you along the street for a bit of a laugh. It was a great time but nowadays it seems everyone’s too scared to go outside for fear of ruining their precious hairdo…. Rubbish!

One company set to get all you namby pamby hair worriers back on the streets once again with kites in hand is Brylcreem. They’ve recently repackaged their kit and changed the formulation around a bit meaning your hair will stay firmer for longer and isn’t going to become an afro five seconds after you step outside. Plus their press catalogue includes the word ‘bloke’ like it’s going out of fashion (sometimes twice in the same paragraph) which should mean it’s perfect for ..err … blokes.

I’ve grown my hair before for my Gillette Fusion and shaving gel reviews and keeping the monthly tradition of hair growing I’m now sporting hair long enough to truly see what Brylcreem can do. I decided to first op for the extreme hold wax in the hope it would meet the challenge of a hard days lectures. By spiking my hair straight up I thought I’d be giving the wax the ultimate test, and to make things harder I decided to use as little wax as possible to hold my hair in place. Surely that would lead to some hair coming lose throughout the day?

Not so, miraculously the wax stayed strong from 8 in the morning to 6 at night and not a single hair managed to escape its grasp. Quite impressive, especially considering that I took a polo shirt on and off several times during the day, which you’d at least expect to ruin the style a little bit.

Next up I opted for Modelling Gel, which is actually nothing like gel at all. Instead what you get is a white liquid which you dip in to and add to your hair as you fancy. Despite only being listed as strength level 2 out of a possible 4 on Brylcreem’s ‘strengthometer’ it still held my hair in place for a whole day, a few hairs managed to escape this time but overall it seemed like a good way to stop hair clumping together and to give a bit of definition to anyone’s style.

Last I turned to the ‘Strong Gel’ which ranks as 3/4 on the ‘strengthometer’. As you’d expect from a gel this makes you hair go rock hard so you can always spike your hair up and jab anyone with your hair if they annoy you. As this was my final trial I decided to go a little crazy and see how spiked I could make my hair. The end “two-horns’ effect can be seen below and should show just how gravity defying things can get.

Unlike some other waxes and gels Brylcreem doesn’t leave any sticky residues or leftover wax which is something I’ve heard people complain of in the past. Instead it’s instantly absorbed in to the hair and easily washed out again. Speaking of which Brylcreem have now created a new ‘gunk stripping shampoo’ to make sure your hair is nice and clean for the next time you apply their kit. It’s got built in conditioner which is always a pet peeve of mine but apart from that it does a good job of making your hair silky smooth.

So there you have it, there’s really no more excuses for being afraid of going out in the wind again. It is cold though…..

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