Monday, November 27, 2006

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Blue Active Muscle Joint Gel Rub

If Christmas shopping fever hasn’t gripped you yet then it’s sure to take hold in the next few weeks as the 25th of December deadline fast approaches. Aside from the obvious effects Christmas shopping will have on your bank balance there’s also the rather annoying prospect of having to traipse round loads of shops while your feet ache and moan.

With an ingredients list almost the height of the bottle itself comes Original Blue Active Gel, which hopes to relieve those festive shopping aches and pains as well as any other aches you may have in the New Year from your newfound gym membership. One of the key ingredients in amongst Witch-Hazel and “Essential oils” (their words not mine) is Golden Emu Oil which must be important given that the package I received included a little man holding a box of it (see above pic).

Deciding to put the product to the test I went for a hunt around the shops for Christmas presents and as you’d expect came back with sore feet, and an aching shoulder from trying to carry far too many bags at once. To make for a fair test I applied the lotion to my right foot while leaving my left foot to suffer without any assistance.

Unlike ‘Deep Heat the odour here isn’t as strong, that’s not to say it’s nonexistent but it’s less likely to rub off on your clothes and follow you around for the rest of the day. For those who apply it to someone else you’ll also be happy to know that once you wash your hands the smell is gone. It also feels nicer to use than Deep Heat and helps to cool the area rather than soothing through heat.

You’ll be pleased to know it works too, and despite being designed for use on Rugby players, cyclists, footballers and the like it actually works just as well on the everyday trials of shopping. My right foot felt better much quicker than my left and after a while my shoulder started to feel better too. While I’m too much of a chicken to try it out after an hour in a rugby scrum, if any of you get the chance then be sure to share your thoughts.

I’m always a bit sceptical of these treatments even when they include slogans such as “guaranteed results” and “effective in minutes” but that’s really no reason not to give them a go. Without sounding too much like a cheap advert all I can say is Blue Active Gel did the trick for me and can work for you too…

You can learn more about Blue Active Gel at at and you can order your own bottle here.

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