Monday, October 23, 2006

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Toastabags Review - Read this before you buy!

For lunch today I grabbed myself a sausage roll and proceeded to walk back to my flat. By the time I made it home the sausage roll was cold as ice and didn’t look anywhere near as appetising as it had behind the counter at the store. Luckily just last week the team at Lydo Innovations Ltd sent me just the thing to warm my sausage roll back to health.

Toastabags are a new way of warming up anything savoury including sausage rolls, pasties, samosas and wraps as well as allowing you to make toasted sandwiches without having to invest in a sandwich maker. Designed to cook food as quickly as a microwave, only with less sogginess, they’re a unique idea and one which I was eager to try out as soon as the bags arrived.

The toastabags themselves look like little grease proof paper bags and are just the right size for a sandwich or pizza slice. When you’ve decided on your food of choice you simply pop it in the bag, hold the handles and place the item in your toaster. One thing it’s important to remember when buying toastabags is that you’ll need a variable width toaster. If you’re unsure what this means check whether you toaster can fit two small pieces of bread in a singe slot. If it can’t then you’ll end up with a very squashed sandwich.

Unfortunately in my case I have a standard width toaster, but rather than deprive you of a road test I decided to put my sausage roll to the test and cram it in the toaster anyway. After a quick squeeze I managed to get the bag in the toaster and set the timer. Unfortunately there’s no cooking instructions so the next step is to carry out a few one minute ups and downs until the item feels hot throughout. After that it’s on to the taste test.

Despite being slightly squashed the sausage roll still tasted great and was warmed completely in only a coupe of minutes. It also tasted better than the same sausage roll in the microwave and I’m sure toasted sandwiches would be every bit as enjoyable when made in this way. There’s also 20 recipes included with the toastabags and I’ve heard claims it can even make eggs!

Toastabags are perfect for students and for those lazy Sunday mornings when you need quick warm comfort food. With Winter just around the corner and everyone looking for a quick way to enjoy warm snacks through the colder months Toastabags could be the answer.

My Toastabags were very kindly provided by Lydo Innovations Ltd who have all kinds of unique items in their eBay store. Hit the link to check them out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone see Planit Products trying to pitch these on Dragons Den? Boy did they have some skeletons in their company closet...

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