Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Really Wild Bug Eating Party

This is by far and away the strangest product I’ve ever had to try. Inspired no doubt by the “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” bush tucker trials this game does exactly what it says on the box by serving up a bizarre delicacy of bugs and insects for you to eat.

There is some method to this madness and a series of challenges are used to decide who will ultimately have to suffer the fate of eating a handful of bugs. At the start of the game players are split in to two teams and a leader for each team is nominated. Next a series of ‘bug’ cards are dealt out to each of the players. Lastly a spinner is spun to select a bug and if you’re the unfortunate person holding the most cards with that bug then you’ll have to eat it, That is unless your team can complete a challenge card…

Challenges are both inventive and eventful and do their best by trying to create bizarre situations out of household objects. One tip however, if you’re going to be hosting a bug eating party it’s a good idea to first go through the cards to find out what household objects you’ll need as nothing is going to hold up a party like the host having to run off to find a pack of cards or buy some frozen peas.

To give you some idea of the variety of challenges on offer here’s a select few:

The Peg Challenge: “Each player has one minute to attach as many clothes pegs to any part of their skin as possible”

The Impressions Challenge: “The host will give the name of a famous celebrity. Each player must do an impression of that person”.

The Disappearing Basket Challenge: “Each player must throw a scrunched up piece of paper in to a basket about 10 feet away”

The frozen pea challenge:”Whoever can spit a frozen pea the furthest is the winner”

The challenges would make for an interesting game all in themselves meaning there’s no need to actually eat any bugs….

Ok fine, I’ll do it….

Each of the bugs comes with best before dates and they come from carefully selected farms which is better than picking a few out of a nearby garden. A pinch of flavour has also been added to make the experience all the more savoury. Smokey Bacon Crickets and Chilli flavour worm crisps are just a mouthful away.

Sadly the ants aren’t as luxurious. The second you take the lid off all you can smell is their overpowering odour and despite their tiny size you’re encouraged to chew them thoroughly, you know, just in case. The thing is if you didn’t have to chew them there’d be almost no problem at all as their outer casing hardly tastes of anything.

So as to leave an air of mystery and surprise when you try these for yourself I’ll stop right there. If you’ve been able to make it this far then give it a go next time you have a party, and remember the host doesn’t have to eat anything, you just get to watch everyone else suffer!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This game is class!! I played it last weekend wid some m8s n they loved it! We all really enjoyed it and nearly died from laughing so much! The Bugs are ace (but so disgusting!) Im playing it again this weekend wid some other m8s! Nyway cya all l8R! xxx

8:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My little brother was bought this game for christmas. We havent even played it yet, or read the instructions! weve been to busy daring each other to eat the bugs and then jumping online to order more!! ha ha!

We will play it properly next time round.

6:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're playing on Saturday with a group of ll yr olds, sure the noise will be enought to frighten any bugs away.

7:10 PM


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