Friday, October 20, 2006

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Perfect Sweet

When talking to BBC News there was one aspect of the site they were very curious about: just how on Earth is it possible to write 400 words on just about anything? I’ll admit it’s something that's not always easy, often inspiration can come from childhood memories, or a truly unique aspect of the product. Today however is the first time I’ve ever actually been stumped….

The product in question is a bag of sweetener called Perfect Sweet which is designed as a sugar substitute. Whilst I would love to regale you with childhood stories of sprinkling sugar in tea or coffee sadly I can’t, as to be honest when I was younger I couldn’t stand tea or coffee, hot chocolate was always my hot drink of choice and lets face it, that probably had far too much sugar in to start with.

So instead I’ll look at the unique aspects of the product. After hearing that the product was made 100% from Xylitol I immediately tried to remember where I’d heard of it before, a quick dig in to a nearby draw revealed the answer. Turns out Xylitol is also the primary ingredient used to make Smint’s which I’m sure you’ll all have tried at some point. Thankfully unlike Smint’s, Perfect Sweet doesn’t include mint flavouring, hydrogenated vegetable oil or anything that will ‘produce a laxative effect” meaning it’s 100% natural and more than safe to sprinkle on your morning cereal.

Speaking of which a little note came with my Perfect Sweet urging me to try them "on my morning Weetabix" so I decided that with such intimate knowledge of my morning eating habits I would have to oblige. The taste is actually a little softer than sugar so don’t be surprised if Perfect Sweet doesn’t taste quite how you expect it to at first.

Then again this is a Sugar Substitute, it’s not meant to be “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Sugar” so you’ll probably find you enjoy the taste just the same after a couple of bites of Weetabix or sips of Tea. There's benefits to be considered too with: Lower carbs, calories and GI rating than sugar. Your dentist would even be pleased as it apparently “promotes healthy teeth”.

So for those reasons alone you could do a lot worse than giving Perfect Sweet a go. Who knows you may never use Sugar again.

And that I believe is 410 Words….

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