Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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Optivita Cereal Bars

Are we as a nation getting healthier? You’d certainly think so with Gillian McKeith on our screens and the Food Doctor on our book shelves reminding us that cake isn’t the answer to life’s little problems. Even advert breaks are constantly reminding us that we should be eating plant steroids and ‘healthy bacteria’, whatever that means. Not only that but if you look at the food products I’ve reviewed over the last month you’ll spot products with Soya Milk alongside health brands such as Slim Fast. Even the spaghetti I featured on Monday was made from Whole wheat and included Omega 3.

Continuing this trend comes new Optivita cereal bars from Kellogg’s. The benefit this time comes in the form of an oat fibre called ‘beta glucan’ which naturally occurs in the ingredients and is designed to reduce that pesky ‘bad’ cholesterol which causes heart disease. The bars are also only 100 calories, have no added salt and are low in saturated fat. Sounds like a win-win situation? Here’s hoping they taste as good as they sound:

Kellogg’s were kind enough to send over two different flavours for me to sample: Raisin and Berry. First up I decided to try the Raisin Oat Bar as a mid day snack. One thing I noticed instantly was the unusual texture of the bar, which resembled other breakfast cereal bars but seemed softer and more appealing with raisins invitingly assembled on top. Also although the bar looks tough it’s actually very easy to bite in to, is full of flavour and an includes an essence of what seems like ginger which radiates through every bite and nibble.

The bar helped tide me over till dinner time so I decided this morning with a 9 o’clock start ahead of me I‘d substitute my normal morning breakfast with the Berry Oat Bar. After all these are cereal bars so should fill me up as much as my usual bowl of Weetabix or Fruit and Fibre. Despite 3 hours of lectures the bar did the trick and helped keep me going. Taste wise I prefer the raisin bar purely as it has more taste to it but there’s no denying that each bar has a nice distinct taste of their own.

So are we getting healthier? Probably not, but at least with bars like Optivita we have a better chance than ever and a nice tasting place to start.

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