Monday, October 09, 2006

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Numberetti Spaghetti

Worried that your children spend too much time playing and not enough time learning? Always find meal times messy and that playtime only gets worse at the dinner table? Well don’t fear it, embrace it! That's what I decided to do today when testing out the followup to Alphabetti spaghetti from Heinz: Numberetti spaghetti, a new way to combine learning and awareness of numbers to make meal times fun and educational.

Whilst it won’t become a new form of home schooling over night Numberetti does have the potential to improve awareness of numbers and maths. Each tin includes a mixture of numbers and as you spread them all over your dinner you can perform basic calculations and arrange the numbers in order from 0 to 9.

Sadly it does feel like Heinz have missed a trick as there are no mathematical symbols included in the tin. This means that you won’t be able to put plus or minus symbols or even equals symbols in to your calculations. Still with a little bit of imagination (or if you’re feeling adventurous a normal tin of spaghetti) you can make up for their absence yourself.

For the more adventurous amongst you, there’s also the possibility of opening a tin of alphabetti spaghetti and making algebra equations as you munch in to a plate of fish and chips. And for my trial run I decided to do just that;

Ok, I didn’t exactly prepare a balanced diet so you can always add vegetables yourself (I went for a quick smoothy myself). Anyway, back to the topic one of the best elements of Numberetti is that the sauce is very light and easy on the stomach so it’ll be good for the little-uns. It also maintains Heinz reputation for great tasting products and continues to make me wonder why other brands even try making baked beans or spaghetti...

As for my calculations I managed to find all of the numbers buried in the pile and even thought up a few little equations myself. There’s definitely more here for kids to enjoy, (and especially with a keen parents supervision, the possibility of making meal times educational and fun) but that’s not to say adults can’t enjoy it either. In fact just yesterday when ordering my shopping I did my best to hunt down another tin of these.

Sick of people telling you off for playing with your food? Then grab a tin of Numberetti Spaghetti and wow them with your calculation and algebra skills.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They need to do Greek-etti and Opperator-etti so that they can sell them along with Alphabetti in a four-pack to student mathematicians.

With a similar offer on pies of course.

5:58 PM


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