Friday, October 27, 2006

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Magic Vase

As I’m not one of those people who buys flowers every week the vase on my desk has now been empty for a grand total of 35 days. Since the last set of flowers died it’s effectively just sat there, a white ceramic blob crying out for attention and ultimately having it’s needs unfulfilled. To make matters worse it’s too big to hide in a cupboard and really looks a little out of place on my desk without anything in it.

Wondering how a sheet of plastic could solve all my problems? Well it’s called a Magic Vase and is designed as an instant vase that can be hidden and reused every time you get flowers. So how does it work? Well you open the vase with your hand, fill it up with water and then chuck in some plant food and flowers and you’re good to go.

I’ve got to admit at first I had my doubts, especially as to how something made of plastic which looks 2D at first could stand up on its own, full of water and not topple over. Being a little too curious for my own good I put this theory to the test and filled up one of the bigger vases and attempted to try and knock it over. Whilst nowhere near as sturdy as a ceramic vase the Magic Vase will stay upright by itself so long as you’re not too rough with it. However if you’ve got pets it might be a good idea to store the vase out of the way.

That said if the vase does fall over all you’ve got to do is dry the carpet out for a few seconds and you can instantly pick the vase up and use it again without a risk of it breaking. One of the stories my Mum likes to tell me from my childhood is how I scared her to death by picking up a vase and pretending to break it on the floor. Naturally if your kids are as mischievous as I was then you can regain control by stocking up on a few magic vases and then getting them to clean up the water afterwards!

If you don’t have kids but still like the idea there’s a range of other possibilities and scenarios where you may require a vase for just a short time. Visiting people in hospitals, parties, weddings etc all require vases and with a Magic Vase at hand you’ll be ready to solve any dilemmas. They even come in extra small sizes for those moments when you want to surprise someone with just a single flower.

Now I just need to find a place to hide my old vase….

My Magic Vases were very kindly provided by Lydo Innovations Ltd who have all sorts of this stuff in their eBay store. Hit the link to check them out.

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