Monday, October 02, 2006

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BuxtOn the Move water

So far I’ve blagged a few of life’s little essentials. Fruit to eat, toiletries to keep myself looking good and clothes to hide my dignity, but until today there was one thing I lacked; Water. As man can not survive on apples alone (or Chocolate Hob Nobs for that matter) I decided it was time to right this injustice. Or rather Buxton did by supplying me with their new 1Ltr sized bottle of water.

God lord that’s a big bottle of water. Designed for those in need of hydration on the go the bottle packs an entire litre of water. Now you may wonder when a person would actually need to carry that amount of water around but I can think of one key occasion: train journeys. For those used to travelling 2 hours or more this is an essential item. Pop it in the fridge for a day, grab it just before you go and it’ll keep you cool and refreshed for the whole journey (because lets face it trains with air conditiong are few and far between).

Naturally as Summer has all but drawn to a close there are less and less opportunities for a 1 ltr bottle of water so I’ve come up with a few of my own:

Homemade water pistol: No more running to the garden hose to refill, just pack this bad boy with you and you’ll be soaking the opposition whilst they’re busy fiddling with the hose applicator nozzle. Plus if you get thirsty during play just squirt yourself to enjoy fresh mineral water.

Caravans: The sun may be gone but that doesn’t mean bizarre holidays are gone completely. So if a distant relative decides they want to catch the last bit of sun before it goes away completely make sure to pack a few of these or you could be faced with the inevitable caravan drinking water.

Instant ice: Cold day outside but no nearby lakes to test out those new skates you got for Christmas? Then make your own by spraying the bottle all over your front lawn.

Blue Peter prop:Trust me the days of Blue Peter using washing up bottles to make stuff are over. Buxton bottles and bigger and will make a far better rocket with a bit of cling film and sticky back plastic.

Or you could just drink it… which is probably a much better idea.

So if you’re always on the go and in need of instant long lasting refreshment then don’t go for poxy 500ml bottles, grab yourself something that will last the journey. Whether that be by train, car, plane or ice skates.

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