Friday, October 13, 2006

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Avon Selection

Anyone who has been reading for a while may have noticed that every month so far I’ve managed to get hold of shaving items in some form or another. In August it was Gillette Fusion shaving foam, in September it was Sanex for Men shaving gel and in October we come to Avon Soothing Aftershave Balm. At this rate it’ll become a monthly tradition!

The aftershave balm also came with a couple of other products from Avon which I’ll get to later. All the products were kindly donated by Avon rep Laura Rolston who is currently looking for other people to become Avon reps. If you’re looking for a new calling and fancy it then drop her an email on

Shameless plug out of the way it’s time to try out the products. I tested the aftershave balm out this morning (no beard photos this time folks) and it’s all the things an aftershave should be. It’s very light so easy to apply and also very easy to rub in to your face quickly if you’re in a morning rush. It also leaves no stickiness and lasts throughout the day.

In with the batch of products also came Avon Replenishing Hand Cream to soothe sore and tired hands back to health again. Even if you don’t work in the construction industry or any kind of job where you get your hands dirty it’s still a good idea to use products like this from time to time. It does have quite a flowery scent so I probably should have given it to Marie to try but it did help soothe my chapped knuckles after a heavy typing session so it does do the trick.

Last there's Avon Naturals Purifying creamy facial wash. Again it’s one for the ladies but I decided I’d give it a go regardless. It’s easy to get a lather going and there’s no scent to worry about this time around. It also feels nice on the skin and doesn’t leave any oiliness behind once you wash it off.

Before writing this article I had little experience of Avon so it was nice to try out a new product range (even if it was mostly for women!). Everything I tried was soft and easy to use which is just what you need whether it be for your face, chin or hands.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the above products then visit her site for more information and to order your own.

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