Tuesday, September 05, 2006

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Uno (Simpson’s Springfield Edition)

Why is it that no matter how many card games people know it can be impossible to make them pick up a pack of cards that doesn’t just include 52 cards and jokers? I’ll admit I was the same around a year ago and with the only exception of Top Trumps I wouldn’t even look at another card game. Then when Marie mentioned playing Uno I shunned the idea purely because I didn’t want to learn how to play with a new pack of cards.

Looking back I’m not entirely sure what I was worried about, not only are the cards in Uno remarkably easy to understand, they also follow on from a similar card game called Blackjack. The game starts by turning over a face card and then playing on that colour or number. So if the face card was a Red 7 I could lay a red card or any kind of seven on top. It’s so simple that if you don’t pick it up within 2 minutes then you probably shouldn’t be playing with cards at all.

To add a bit of a twist in to the mix there are extra cards, which can change the game at a moments notice. These include Draw 4 which means your opponent has to pick up 4 cards, Reverse which makes play go in the opposite direction and Wild which can be played at any time and allows you to change the colour of play. There’s also a ‘Great Scot!’ card which allows you to give away two of your cards to an opponent of your choice.

What makes the Great Scot card unique as well is that it’s exclusive to this edition of the game. That means you won’t be able to find it anywhere else in the Uno universe making this game of Uno different. As you’d expect you also get a range of characters from the show on your cards although those expecting the Simpson family should see the Simpson’s standard edition rather than this Springfield edition. Homer makes a brief appearance but the rest of the cards focus on the stranger residents of Springfield such as Moe, Comic Book guy and Apu.

All in all I was very impressed with Simpson’s Uno. It’s nice to see a unique card to make this edition slightly different and it’s also refreshing to see the game is still just as easy to pick up and play. So put down your packs of 52 playing cards and pick up this 112 Uno card pack instead.

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