Monday, September 11, 2006

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Sylvanian Families Toilet and Sink

Sometimes I see things that I have to blag, and this is very much one of those items. After browsing the Internet one day I spotted a Sylvanian Families toilet. Coming in at just 5 centimetres tall it looked the business and I knew I had to have one. Sadly after talking to the company that makes them I found out they’d been discontinued and that was the end of that dream. Until today. When not only did a small toilet arrive on my doorstep but a kitchen sink as well.

Yes, I can now officially say I’ve blagged everything from Chocolate Hob Nobs to a kitchen sink. Brilliant! Not only that but Flair also provided me with a complete kitchen and bathroom set to boot which means everything from pots and pans to bathtubs and mirrors. In total there’s over 40 pieces in the kitchen set and over 35 in the cottage bathroom set. Sadly the sets don’t come with actual Sylvanian Family figures but a quick email later and I had an entire family of Sylvanias to play with.

Flair sent over the Reindeer family set, which included a mother, father, son and daughter all of whom worked as journalists. After wondering if all journalists receive a press pack including the Reindeer family so as to appeal to their egos, I set to work creating my own wonderland.

As you can see it’s easy to create a quiet family scene with son at the table and mother at the stove. Now before I get people writing in saying this website is sexist and Un-PC I should point out that the father has a chopping knife in his hand and is just about to help with the cooking. I’d also like to point out that it wasn’t my intention to create a family of mass murderers but if you look at the middle two figures carefully you might get the sense of something evil…..

Or maybe not. You see the point is that everyone will get something different out of these toys. Sure I may have been thrilled by the sight of a 5 cm tall toilet but most likely kids will get a kick out of the ability to bring a bit more life to their Sylvanian Families. Or they might enjoy the sticker set with tiny little stickers to decorate their pots, pans, bath and more. Or they may even just love the novelty of tiny little scrubbing brushes in the bathroom set.

And that’s just it, imagination is that makes these toys interesting. The kitchen sink might look just like a kitchen sink to an adult but in the hands of a young child it’s where daddy reindeer washes his hands and does the dishes whilst mummy reindeer tucks baby reindeer in to bed. Isn't that a world we'd all like to go back to someday?

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