Wednesday, September 13, 2006

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Now for something totally different. Last week a big box of Slim-Fast products arrived at my door and for the past few days I’ve been following the Slim-Fast plan, will it change my life? Will I notice any difference? And the real question is how do they taste?

The answer is actually pretty damn tasty. So tasty that there should actually be a couple more items in the above photo but I was hungry on the way back from the post room so this is all that survived till I could grab a camera. Sorry. As you can see from the photo there are two different types of food to choose from which are split in to meals and snacks. Snacks include cheddar bites and chocolate caramel bars whilst meals include soups and even bigger bars. There’s also some smoothies but unfortunately they all went before I could take a photo… er sorry….

As you can guess Slim-Fast has come a long way from the milkshake style drinks of old. Sure they still exist but you can now add these new bites, nibbles and meals in to the mix to help improve you chances of sticking to a target weight. So what’s the plan?

Breakfast: Smoothie, Shake or Meal bar
Snack: Fruit or Slim-Fast snack bar
Lunchtime: Soup, Smoothie, Shake or Meal bar
Snack: another bar or savoury snacks (this doesn’t mean sausage rolls and scotch eggs sadly)
After then it’s up to you to make a healthy lunch and dessert. Do healthy desserts even exist?

So first up there’s the smoothies. Just over 200 calories each and with a little bit of real fruit (well 2%) so you’ll feel less sinful. I found these to be a nice way to start the day and they’re quite filling, not quite enough to last till lunch but that’s what the snacks are for. I opted for the cheddar bites and sour cream pretzels during my time on the diet and they helped sustain me till until lunchtime. They also tasted really good and were full of flavour despite being under 100 calories each. So 300 calories down I started making my lunch.

Whether you pick the soup, the bars or the shakes you won’t have to worry about waiting long for dinner. So even if you are feeling a bit peckish by now relief is only a few nibbles away. The soup takes a couple of minutes to warm up and then it’s all yours. I tucked in to chicken vegetable & pasta soup which although not looking very nice did taste good. There’s also Mediterranean Tomato and Bean soup and Cream of Chicken & Mushroom soup to try too.

Snack time again I hit the snackbars including apricot, cashew nut and pumpkin seed. To be honest that sounded a bit too natural for me so I decided to opt for the chocolate caramel bar. Like there was any competition? Unlike most low fat chocolate bars it actually tastes like chocolate, which is good enough for me.

Dinner time and things all went terribly wrong. At this point I remembered that I had some Galaxy Minstrels in the cupboard. Quicker than you could say “mmm chocolate” I grabbed the packet and started to tuck in. And that’s the problem. Slim-Fast meals should come with a warning to say “Please remove all snacks from house before staring the plan”. You see Slim-Fast is a great start for anyone looking to lose weight but they can’t give the one thing that’s really needed; willpower. Having said that they did make sure I wasn’t eating junk food for nearly a whole day, which is a definite improvement, despite my minstrel lapse. Clearly there’s something here for those who have the self control.

So if you’re feeling up to the challenge and have hidden all the Minstrels then you can find Slim-Fast products can be found at Boots stores all over the UK.

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