Thursday, September 21, 2006

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Sanex for Men Range

This is the second time I’ve tried to grow a beard in order to review a product and failed. Last time it was to test out the Gillette Fusion and the result was blonde stubble, which wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact my natural hair colour is brown…. This time around I’ve managed to accumulate a little more stubble (slightly more brown this time!) which I’m going to be attempting to remove with new Sanex for men transparent shaving gel.

One of my major gripes about the Gillette Fusion face care range was that they didn’t include any instructions on the back, making them a little bit intimidating for new shavers. Sanex on the other hand include clear instructions and even tell you the pH balance of their product. Yep pH 6, not too acidy, that’s always good.

When you think of shaving gel you’ll probably think of a giant white foamy solution which completely covers the bottom half of your face. Transparent Shave Gel is a little different, in that its clear. You’ll still be able to see where you’ve applied it to your face but you can also see all the hairs underneath making it far easier to tell where you still need to shave and areas you may want to avoid.

After a brief shave I found my skin felt both clean and very soft to touch. There’s no leftover stickiness either, and any leftover gel washes off easily. As before I’ve included a quick snapshot so you can see the smoothness. Those that spotted leftover bristles on my Gillette Fusion review will notice I’m also getting the hang of a manual razor too!

With my face shaved I set to the next step in the morning run, deodorant. Sanex for Men were also kind enough to provide me with some of their new Invisible Deodorant to try so I decided to put it to the test. As with the shave gel and its transparency, the emphasis here is on the ‘invisible’, clearly the team at Sanex don’t like to see anything…

Jokes aside, it can be a real pain applying deodorant only to find hours later than there’s a huge white mark where you applied it. As Sanex is ‘invisble’ it means minimal white marks and removes all the annoyance that comes with it. It’s also a very light deodorant meaning you won’t make half the gym cough when you apply it, something which is also normally a huge deodorant problem.

Unlike a lot of rushed “For Men” products the team at Sanex have clearly tried to spot problems with existing men’s products and remove them. They may be all about making things invisible but with their dedication to improving the men’s market they are a brand you shouldn’t ignore.

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