Friday, September 01, 2006

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Puma Shoes - Roma, Lab II, Go Court V

In what can only be described as the biggest box of goodies I’ve received so far yesterday I got a parcel from Puma containing 3 sets of trainers, 4 t-shirts, some trousers and 2 jackets. I’ll be splitting the content up over the next few weeks so stay tuned for more from the guys at Puma. For today let’s take a look at their latest selection of trainers:

First up there’s the Lab II range which you can see above. Originally launched in 1981 and now back for a 25 year celebration these trainers don’t look like they’ve aged a bit and are very much still in style today. They’re just about perfect for any occasion and will go well with a pair of blue jeans or even a dark black suit. Heck even Dr Who, master of all things fashion, was sporting a pair of white sneakers with a suit in the last series of the show.

Next we’ve got the Go Court V Trainers which to me look like an ideal trainer for fans of Vans, Etnies and other skater style brands. They’ve got Velcro straps which mean they’ll stay on your feet no matter how many grinds you do, or if like me you wear skater shoes just to walk to the shops they’ll handle that well too thanks to cushioned soles. As a finishing touch they’re made out of leather so they’ll look and smell as good as a Gucci wallet.

Last we’ve got the Roma range, the latest addition to the Puma family. They’re very similar in style to the Lab II series but with a more updated design, which is strange as they initially appeared 30 years ago, 5 years before the Lab II series. The one we received has a nice brown on cream colour with a striking golden effect on the Puma logo. The sole is great once again with one of the most interesting patterns I’ve seen in a long time. Trust me more shoes should have designer soles, they add class and they really make your shoes stand out. If these seem like your style you can buy them exclusively at Office.

Sadly I only received one shoe in this range which makes it one of my strangest blags to date. It also means I can’t comment on how well they wear as I haven’t had chance to take them out for a test run. Either way if they’re as comfy as the Lab II range then there shouldn’t be any problems.

That’s all for this week, but be sure to come back next week as I dig further in to the box from Puma, tackle the Dance Factory PS2 game and play with more cool unique toys.

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