Thursday, September 07, 2006

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Heinz Squeezy Tomato

Heinz ketchup fact time: Heinz have been making their ketchup for 130 years this year. That means that the product you splatter over your chips is older than you, your granny and your great granny. What’s even more impressive is that in that time they’ve managed to sell 11 billion bottles of the stuff worldwide, which means by this point everyone on Earth should have just under two bottles each. Blimey.

No doubt a lot of those 11 billion bottles have been sold to a number of greasy spoon café’s up and down the globe and many of them will have been stored in the below red tomato. As a way of celebrating their 130th birthday Heinz have reproduced this classic ketchup container and even sent a couple my way to take a look at.

Yes sitting on my desk right now I have what can only be described as a red ripe juicy tomato which I am about to fill to the brim with ketchup. First of all I’d recommend getting a squeezy bottle of ketchup to make adding ketchup easy. The reason being that there’s only a small hole on top of the tomato and regular glass bottles of Heinz ketchup have a slightly bigger opening, still if you like a challenge (and a messsy floor) then you could always just try and slide the ketchup in with a knife...

Once that’s done you simply screw on the top and you’re ready to serve. Thankfully the top is very secure so if your guests want to throw the tomato around or even give it a kick it should still hold all the ketchup in place. You could even play pass the ketchup if you fancy it although I accept no responsibilities for any ketchup-covered kitchens that result from this game!

When you’re done adding ketchup and having a kick about you’re all set to show off your new toy to the world. Sadly it doesn’t make getting your ketchup any easier than a squeezy bottle and those last drops are still a real pain to get out. But then again this isn’t designed as a life saving ketchup applicator. It’s just a cool little novelty item which is designed for those who want to bring a little fun in to their kitchen. Oh and did I mention that it’s limited edition and that people are already starting to sell them on eBay?

If you fancy your own squeezy tomato before the eBayers get there then you can grab one for £3.99 at

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