Monday, September 25, 2006

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DVD – Waiting

Before winding up blagging for a living I once spent a day working in an Australian themed restaurant. Whilst there everything seemed good, the food was well prepared, the waiters friendly and the customers all seemed to have a good day. It's safe the say the resturant in Waiting is nothing like this! The customers are pains in the backside, the chef's spit in the food and the waiters have their own problems to deal with. Is this what really goes on in resturants?

Probably not, but then again this is a gross out teen comedy which once again pushes the bar on grossness. Whilst some recent teen encounters have grown up and still provided laughs (such as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Just Friends), Waiting sticks firmly to the American Pie formula of sex jokes and more sex jokes. Will you enjoy it? Well as Monty (Ryan Reynolds) puts it at the start of the movie “Ask yourself, are you ok with gratuitous male nudity?”… quite.

In reality there’s no actual nudity but there is a strong recurring theme of employees flashing at each other which you’ll either love or hate. There’s also a pair of mini Jay and Silent Bob clones who smoke and swear like no tomorrow. Technically they’re more like Jay and Jay as they’re both far from Silent and they’re far too over the top to make you laugh on the same level as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (which might I add is one of the funniest movies of all time!).

And that’s just the problem, at times this feels like it wants to be the next Clerks or even Mallrats. Heck the DVD release has been timed brilliantly to come out two days after Clerks II hits the cinema, making it perfect fodder for those looking for some light entertainment while they wait for Clerks II to come out on DVD, although sadly it never quite reaches the heights of Kevin Smith's movie.

To be honest it’s not all bad, and the closer you are to the ‘15’ age rating the more you’ll find to laugh at. Anna Faris is comedy genius as always, but sadly the writers only felt the need to give her one interesting scene, once that’s over she’s mostly relegated to the background. There’s also the misconception that this movie is just jokes about people spitting in food, which is a little unfair, there is a thin plot revolving around one character's decision to accept a job as assistant manager or move on with their life, as well as a couple of side plots which are there to give the rest of the cast something to do.

I’ve got to admit I did laugh in places and if you’ve worked in a restaurant for a long time then you’ll probably find something to relate too. For everyone else I advise a quick visit to Kevin Smith’s many great movies or a rental of Waiting if you need a night of quick laughs.

Waiting is out on DVD today and can be purchased here

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