Monday, September 18, 2006

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Warning: Alcohol is not to be consumed by anyone under the age of 18 in the UK. For other countries please refer to your national guidelines.

Last week Blagman went global and was featured by the Idaho Statesman in good olde USA. In the article Emily Simnitt talked about her experience running a drinking column and how hard it had been to acquire any samples. Even when samples arrived all she could do was “was photograph it and write about it..” No drinking allowed. How mean is that?

Thankfully that’s not the case here. In order to help promote their new cocktail ‘The Libertine’ Drambuie sent over a bottle of their finest mixture and let me loose on it. Whilst I was expecting a 50ml mini-bar sized bottle I was pleasantly surprised by the generous 500ml bottle that arrived. In order to make the signature cocktail you’ll need 3-4 lime wedges, 2 splashes of Drambuie and some ice. Give it a go if you get the chance.

So on with the taste test. Having only ever tried Drambuie before in chocolatey liqueur format and already a big fan of Mr Jack Daniels I was intrigued to see what it tasted liked. I decided to try the drink out in its natural environment away from splashes of lime. Just a simple shot in a glass with a dash of coke on top.

Scottish made and packing a punch to match Drambuie isn’t a bad little pick me up, although I wouldn’t recommend drinking it at 9 in the morning like I just did (mental note: don’t leave reviews till the morning they’re due). Before trying the drink I was starting to think all whiskies were the same but I was pleasantly surprised as Drambuie differentiates itself thanks to its strong spiced honey taste which makes it flow down your throat with both a soft and sweet texture, especially if you add a little bit of coke to the mix as well.

Sure I may be drinking out of a ‘moo-cow’ cup but this isn’t a drink that’s to be laughed at. It’s a drink that’s to be sampled and to be enjoyed whenever possible, not stuck in a bottle and forced to have people take pictures of it. So next time you see a poor bottle of Drambuie be sure to give it a good home and think of those sat in an office somewhere unopened and lonely.

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