Friday, September 08, 2006

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Dead Rising

There are five simple things that every man can enjoy: Snakes, Pirates, Ninjas, Monkeys and Zombies. Thanks to Snakes on a Plane, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Super Monkeyball Adventure and I’ve managed to sustain every one of those cravings expect for one, zombies. Thankfully Capcom have come to the rescue with Dead Rising, just in time to satisfy every man’s zombie rampages.

Most gamers will already be familiar with Capcom for their work on the Resident Evil games, already zombie masterpieces in themselves. The only problem with Resident Evil was that you never got the feeling you could run around causing chaos, you had to watch your ammo carefully and save every bullet. Dead Rising on the other hand lets you cause chaos however you see fit and plonks you slap bang in the middle of a shopping mall with whatever weaponry you can find.

In fact there’s over 200 weapons to choose from which can each be picked up in a selection of stores around the mall. These include katanas, lawnmowers, footballs, knives, benches, toys and a whole range of diverse items. To keep the game varied items are dotted randomly around the mall and each break after a certain number of attacks. Luckily there’s usually something nearby you can grab to inflict more damage.

With more weaponry you’d be expecting more zombies to kill and Dead Rising doesn’t disappoint. Whilst they’re nothing to worry about in small doses, just like Dawn of the Dead once they group together it’s a different story. You’ll also face off against a range of bosses, including evil clowns and sniper maniacs. Each of the boss battles are well executed and also play on the different areas of the mall such as an early stand off in a food court.

These boss encounters form the bulk of the main storyline but there are also a range of interesting side quests to fulfil. Frank has just 72 hours in the mall and in that time he can rescue survivors, take photos, progress the main storyline or just hide out in the security room. How you play the game is totally up to you, in fact you can even kill the main characters and just mess about beating zombies to death with teddy bears if that’s your thing.

All in all Dead Rising is and instant classic that takes itself too seriously. It’s a tough game and it’s all too easy to save with no health but then again what would a zombie game be without a little risk of death? So if you’ve got a zombie craving what better way to satisfy it than by spending hours just slicing up zombies, cruising on skateboards and smashing a guitar over more zombies?

Dead Rising is released on Xbox 360 today and you can grab the game at

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