Friday, September 15, 2006

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Chrono Life Journal

I’ll always remember a lesson I had with my Psychology teacher when I was young. She made us all write down 5 things we could remember from the past year and 5 things we wanted to achieve with the next. Looking back at that little booklet now I seem to have forgotten everything I was supposed to remember and as for the five things I was supposed to achieve I’ve still never been to Japan or learnt a single chord on the guitar.

Much like my little book Chrono is very similar. It’s designed to help you remember all the key details from your life so you can check back regularly at the things you’ve done and where you want to be. It’s split in to six key sections, each of which focus on a different area of life including personal (health, love life), social (friends, family) and activities (hobbies, travel). In each section you can jot down what you did that year and if you fancy it pencil in what you’d like to do next.

There’s also a selection of pre set memories given as a guide for each section should you be unable to remember your favourite love songs. I had to laugh when reading the list of things you can do at certain ages, sadly it seems once you turn 21 all you’ve got to look forward to next is joining saga and retiring. Oh and life beginning at 40 of course.

As you can see above Chrono comes with a hard leather cover which is designed to make the book last for generations as a time piece . You see it’s meant as much more than a gimmick on a raining day, or to prompt a quick search of your family tree. It’s designed as your own little time capsule, a complete collection of your loves, cars, toys, health, children and everything in between.

And whilst some may argue that £175 is a lot for a book I find it best to look at it in terms of cost per use. For example if you use the book once a year to record your life for 80 years then that means all it cost was litlle over £2 a year, and for that price you’ll be able to remember your life as a child right up what you it felt like to hold your first grandson. Plus when you factor in the fact that generations to come can get a detailed picture of your life long after you’re gone it’s really not much to ask at all.

To sum it up, Chrono is a beautifully illustrated time capsule for anyone who has ever reminisced about their past or wanted to preserve their future. It’ll outlive us all.

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Next week: Is Blagman's pallet up to the taste of Drambuie? Plus a new toy that could be better than a good old Thumb War, some mysterious invisible deodorant and more. See you Monday.

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