Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Last week I received a mystery call from the folks over at Unilver. They wanted to warn me a big parcel was coming and that I would need to be in my flat at 10. Stupidly I didn’t ask what they were sending over and settled down to wait for my box of mystery….

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting what turned up, a huge box of a new drink called Adez. Just to make sure I got the most of the drink they sent over eight one litre cartons for me to try, all with exactly the same flavour… Never one to pass up on a free drink (or eight) I turned my fridge in to an Adez stocklist and let the drinks cool for a taste test.

What’s essentially supposed to make these fruit drinks different to the innocent smoothies of the world is that they contain Soya protein. If you have no idea why that’s a good thing (like me) there’s about an A4 side of notes on why Soya is fantastic at Adez.com if you fancy a gander. After reading through the article it seems I could have gotten the answer just as quickly from the Adez pack; ‘it helps build a strong body’.

But enough of that new age stuff, I’ve never read carton from top to bottom before and I’m not going to start now! What you really want to know is the taste, and it’s not bad, and no matter how stupid I’m going to sound saying this it does actually taste like Mango. I should however point out that it’s not 100% fruit juice but it’s not meant to be, as the carton says it’s a “fruit juice drink with soya protein, sugar and sweeteners.” Apparently it also has “a third of the calories of regular fruit juice drinks”. Hah guess I did read the carton after all...

On top of that it’s dairy free yet somehow manages to have as much calcium as a glass of milk. What sort of Voodoo is this? Simply put Adez is a tasty option to go with your morning cereal. Sure it won’t win any awards with health freaks but it is doing something right with its obsession with Soya. It’s only a couple of quid so why not give one a try? Heck I gave eight a try.

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