Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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Sunshine Buddies

Long time readers will know I haven’t always had the best of luck with the toys I’ve blagged so far. After I proved my terrible parenting skills with Tamagotchi v3 and cheated death with Unazukin you may be wondering why I’m going back for more punishment with Sunshine Buddies. Well let me just say they’re the most carefree and stress free toys you’ll probably ever find.

First of all you’ll notice they’re incredibly cute and much like Mood Beams it seems these days anything that’s slightly round and with a huge smile will go down wonders. Aside from being cute figures for your desk, their heads also swing from side to side, their entire purpose in life being to swing left to right in a calming motion. I can almost imagine some Sunshine Buddy yoga teacher in the background chanting “Swing left, then right, then left, watch your breathing etc” and keeping the thing moving in time.

Unfortunately an inner Yoga teacher isn’t what keeps Sunshine Buddies moving, instead it’s down to solar panels. Remember them? Designed to end power shortages and replace the consumption of natural resources solar panels set a huge task for themselves. Sadly they failed and we’re still running around using natural resources like no tomorrow. Oh well, at least solar panels are put to good use in Sunshine Buddies as they mean you’ll never need batteries.

Yes that’s right never ever ever. It doesn’t matter how many kids have prodded the ‘try me’ button in the shops you’ll never have to replace any batteries on this baby. And to make sure you’re convinced there’s not even a battery slot on the bottom. Pure solar powered goodness all the way. And before you wonder that doesn’t mean you’ll need a desk with a nearby window, lamp and candles, generally the light in the room is enough to start it moving.

As if they haven’t made you happy enough by now you can also attach a small card to the front of your Sunshine buddy to remind you of things you need to do or just to have a relaxing message to brighten up your day. Ahhh.

So if you ever feel the stresses and strains of modern life are becoming too much then you can always count on Sunshine Buddy to cheer you up. All he wants from life is a little sunlight so he can swing his head from left to right. And even then he doesn’t worry about getting RSI or the threat of global warming destroying his only source of life. Truly relaxing…

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