Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Parker Pens (Vector Range)

A couple of weeks ago I talked about my childhood love of Funfax organisers and how my school destroyed their purpose by giving us all special school organisers. In one swift move they destroyed a childhood possession and made it utterly worthless. On the other hand they did do one thing that made up for this in some small way. With each organiser they gave us a Parker fountain pen and in that instance taught us how to write.

Every week we would have to attend a writing lesson and in that time they would take us from our scribbled chicken scrawl handwriting to something with a bit more class. In the years that followed I got used to my newfound quill and my mother would frequently praise me for not writing ‘scruffy’. Unfortunately as the years went by I got lazy, started picking up cheap biros in secondary school and pretty much threw away all those years of hard work. Sorry Mum.

All these years later and things are no different, I can still see my writing getting more hurried and scribbled with every extra document I write. With this in mind I called the kind folks at Parker Pens who provided me with a fountain pen and ballpoint pen from their Vector range. It even came with a free pen case, which is a nice gesture.

I’d never used a Parker ballpoint pen before so I decided to give that a go first. My initial reaction was just how smooth it was to use. Unlike cheapo biros you don’t need to jam the pen in to the paper, instead brief strokes across the paper are all that’s required to do the job. Also, although there’s no grips or padding it’s a very comfortable pen to hold thanks to its slim shape. If however you do long for a bit of grip you can always check out the Parker Reflect range which contains pens for those of you who have to write a few hundred documents a day and want to do so in comfort.

Now for my childish memory the Parker fountain pen. The weirdest thing is it feels exactly the same as it did all those years ago. This is parker’s classic design which has served them well for years and it’s still just as effective today. Sure people may crave their new 18K gold ranges but for those who want old school memories (literally in my case) the Vector range is the way to go. Sadly I wasn’t as good as I remember and my writing still looked a little sloppy, but I could definitely see potential for improvement.

See that’s the thing, having a Parker pen isn’t going to improve your writing style over night, but it can work wonders with a little practice and determination. Guess that would explain why they gave me all those classes in primary school. If only I could remember them now….

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