Wednesday, August 16, 2006

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The O.C. Game

Officially licensed board games seem to be everywhere these days, whether they be based on soaps, hit movies or TV drama you can’t escape them. They seem to magically fill the void between seasons and sequels by letting you act out the lives of your favourite characters and invent your own plot lines. The OC Game on the other hand takes another approach and instead of giving you a fantasy scenario to develop it chooses to test your knowledge of the first few seasons of the show.

As you travel round the board you’re given the chance to answer questions in order to win money and character cards. In order to win the game you’ll need six character cards, and $100,000. With only $5,000 available for every question you’ll need to get at least 20 questions right to win.

The game’s creators seem to have found a nice balance between casual and obsessive fans of the show with a mixture of questions of varying difficulties. As a bare minimum you’ll need to have watched the first season to be in with a chance. After that it’s a simple case of hoping you can remember all the catchphrases, odd events and strange goings on in Orange County.

In addition to Trivia cards there’s also Survey cards which are simple questions posed by major characters from the show. The idea behind these is that everyone writes down their answers and then one person has a guess. It’s a good idea in principle but when Ryan asks “Which of you has the biggest crush on me?” you’d better pray you’re not playing with a group of lads. Then again this is a board game on the OC….. the target audience probably isn’t teenage boys….

Another layer to the game is the “Show Deck”, this is an optional deck of cards that can be distributed to each player at the start of the game. Each card contains three events that could potentially happen in any episode of The OC. The idea is you watch the show with these cards and if the event on your card comes up you get some bonus money. Personally I found it too hard to play the game, answer the questions and watch the TV show (watching the TV show is usually taxing enough). I’m not sure if the creators of the game had an alternate use for the cards in mind but they do make for one heck of an interesting drinking game. Line up the shots, turn on the show and wait for your events to happen. Surely there’s a potential spin off here?

When not being used as a drinking game the OC Game is still an interesting proposition. If you absolutely love the show then you’ll either own the game by now or be wondering why you haven’t heard of it before. Naturally there is something for casual fans but this really is perfect for the weekly devotees.

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