Thursday, August 17, 2006

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L’Oréal Glam Shine lip gloss and Telescopic Mascara

As I can’t review make-up myself I decided to hand these over to Marie. However being an evil git I made her write the below review before she’d get to keep them!

In my mid-teens I often found myself along with my best friend Louise hanging around in the aisles of Boots whenever I had a free minute. We must have spent hours looking at all the different make-up products and since pocket money never stretched that far L’Oréal products were pretty much off limits. I remember the first time I bought a L’Oréal Glam Shine, I felt so grown up and used it at every opportunity, always making sure when I took it out my bag to take as long as possible so everyone in the room noticed that I was using it.

At the age of 21 I have mostly outgrown being in awe of high street brand make-up however when 9 bottles of Glam Shine were waiting on my pillow when I got home from work I couldn’t help but feel some of that childish excitement I though I’d outgrown years ago. The Glam Shine range includes 4 different types, all supposedly with different uses and functions within each type. There are also many different colours for all occasions. The first type is the classic range that has been around since my teenage years. I always loved the ‘Gem Crystal’ colour so imagine my joy when I realised it was one of the 9 sent. Although my style has changed slightly, from put on as much as possible to using make-up to accentuate rather than completely cover, I have found myself subconsciously slipping this into my handbag on a number of occasions.

The second type is Moonshine, I’m not quite sure what distinguishes this but it seems to shimmer, I assume to give a moonlight effect (well that would at least explain the title!). This is probably a good one to wear on a night out to give a pretty but more sophisticated look. The third type is Crystal. Although extremely pretty in the tube I think this is perhaps aimed at younger girls growing out of the ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley’ range as the crystal effect is a bit over the top. Finally the fourth type is Juicy. This is a great lip-gloss to wear if you want to plump up your lips, it looks very sexy and made my lips shiny and pouty.

Mike insisted the best way to show off these lip glosses would be for me to kiss a piece of paper whilst wearing them. Above you can see slight differences between the types the first is Juicy, the second is moonlight, the third Crystal and the fourth classic. Although if you want to see the full effects these are best apparent when actually wearing them. A good new feature of the Glam Shine’s is the new wider, softer applicator brush which can hold more lip-gloss and cover larger areas, it also feels softer. The good thing about this is the reduced need for dipping back into the pot four times or so. I only had to dip twice, once for each lip!

As well as the Glam Shine lip glosses L’Oréal also sent a mascara called telescopic. My regular mascara is Lancôme Hypnose so I was eager to try a potentially cheaper brand. When applying, the differences from my usual brand were immediately apparent. The consistency of the L’Oréal mascara was much thicker and stickier which had positive and negative consequences. On the plus side it made my eyelashes look thick and lengthened however it was not as nice to put on. Also the brush applicator is a new design, plastic and hard rather than the usual flexible brushes, this is not necessarily a bad thing either as it means a more even coverage is given and it is also easier to clean if it gets clumped up.

Overall I think the lip glosses are the better product and can be a stylish accessory whether it be for day time or night. They have a colour and variety for each occasion however the mascara is worth a try if you like thicker lashes and a thick consistency of mascara. That said I’m sure I’ll find a use for all the products, most of which have made their way into my regular make-up bag.

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