Monday, August 07, 2006

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KP Nuts

Those who read the McVities Hob Nobs review a few weeks ago will already be accustomed to the rule -That everything we feature on the site must have been attained for free. That means we can’t even spend a penny in order to get items for the site (well apart from our hefty phone bill!). With Hob Nobs I found we had to do a lot of searching to afford a pack that was covered by our one pound voucher. Luckily I didn’t have the same problems with KP Nuts.

At my local newsagents I managed to get two packs at 49p each, leaving me with an imaginary 2p that went to waste. I would argue my case that I should have got an extra 4 nuts for that but it seemed a little petty at the time. I went for Original Salted Peanuts, and lets face it they live up to their name in every possible way. I’m not sure if they apply the salt in a way which means the five top nuts are coated and the middle ones are just right but it certainly creates a shock when you first tuck in.

One mistake I did make was laying out the nuts on my desk for the above photo op. I’d polished the desk the day before and I guess the residue hadn’t faded away. Needless to say it was not a taste sensation I want to enjoy again! Luckily the second packet wasn’t tainted in this way and tasted as nutty as you’d expect. Lets face it though KP Nuts aren’t designed for home use at all.

Any pub goer will know KP Nuts spiritual home will always be at their local. Get people incredibly thirsty with salty nuts so they buy more booze. Then make them buy more nuts to fill their stomach up whilst drinking. It’s genius and it works too! For that reason I can’t recommend KP Nuts for home snacking, it just feels wrong. Your local pub landlord on the other hand will be more than happy to satisfy that craving.

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