Thursday, August 24, 2006

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Kenwood Café Retro

When Starbucks first opened in 1971 their goal was simply to sell coffee beans and equipment. They saw no interest in selling coffee drinks, sandwiches and tiny little cakes as they do today. For them coffee was no doubt an experience which was meant to be enjoyed whilst relaxing in a comfy chair with a nice big book. Ah how times have changed, 35 years later and Starbucks is a giant coffee drinks empire. Sure you can still sit down in a comfy chair with a good book but where’s the relaxing environment of home?

Enter the Kenwood Café Retro an affordable solution for those who want a quick espresso in the comfort of their own living room. As you can see above it’s a stylish looking machine which lives up to the retro part of it’s name. It’s simple too, a single switch flicks between espresso or cappuccino and there’s another switch to turn it on and off. That really is all you need to worry about.

You might also have noticed the handle on the side which you need to pull down to apply steam or to add water in to your drink of choice. Again it's simple to use and adds to the design of the machine. Whilst all the Café Retro machines retail between £150-190 they have the design and style of machines which cost a lot more.

Above you can see a closer look at the dials and knobs of the front of the machine. These give the device an extra bit of sophistication and mean it’ll look great in any kitchen. You can expect this to be the central talking point when anyone enters your kitchen from now on. Heck it makes everything else in my kitchen look incredibly old and outdated.

It makes a great drink too. As I write this review I’m enjoying a freshly prepared drink, which took a couple of minutes from putting in water to filling up the cup. Even adding froth to the drink is a remarkably quick affair and again just requires you to move a handle down and you’re done.

Oh and did I mention the best bit?

There’s a giant St George’s cross on the top as well. Need a new talking point for your kitchen, this is it. Need something to show your England pride, this is it. Or just need a quick and effective drinks maker, this is it. The founders of Starbucks would be proud.

For stocklist information please contact: 02392 392 333
Or to buy a Café Retro click here

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