Friday, August 18, 2006

Jacob's Cream Crackers

According to ancient folklore and myth I just completed the impossible. A task many a schoolboy has attempted and failed. The task of eating three Jacob’s cream crackers without a drink of water. How did this happen? And why didn’t I eat them with cheese or butter like a normal person?

As with my HobNob’s and KP Nuts reviews you’ll know the drill by now. A one pound voucher arrives and then I attempt to get as much of the product as I can. First up as Jacob’s Cream Crackers cost 69p at my local corner shop bartering wasn’t an option so I walked away with just a single packet and missing almost a third of my voucher. What was different this time is I’ve never had to review a food product before that tastes a lot better with extra toppings.

Normally I’d enjoy a Jacob’s cracker with a dollop of jam or some cheese and butter but as we’ve never blagged any of those items I had to resort to eating them dry. For me this is like attempting to eat a pizza base without tomatoes, cheese and pepperoni, it just doesn’t feel right. Naturally if you’re the sort of person who enjoys toast without butter then you’ll probably enjoy them without toppings but personally I prefer a little extra.

After realising that there really isn’t a whole lot to talk about with Cream Crackers I decided to attempt the playground challenge: Eating three cream crackers without water. So I ate the first one easily, ate the second one with my mouth getting a little dry and then chowed down on the final one no problem… hmm guess it was just a myth after all. Well either that or you aren’t supposed to swallow between each one?

If you feel up to the challenge then grab a pack of these babies, and see if you can do it too. And if anyone knows the real way to do the challenge then please leave a comment below as I’m stumped.

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  1. J. Arthur Rank11:20 pm

    Well, you have to eat 3 crackers in under two minutes. Much harder than it seems.


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