Friday, August 11, 2006

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Gillette Fusion Review - Five blades better than 10,000?

Yesterday I woke up feeling grizzly. Most of the men reading this will know what I mean, those mornings where you wake up, look in the mirror and think “I really should get around to shaving today before my chin resembles a Coconut”. Usually I’d whip out an automatic shaver and let it do all the work, but yesterday I was feeling a little different. Yesterday I wanted something new and so decided to test out the Gillette Fusion.

I guess you could say for years I’ve been wimping out, always opting for an automatic shaver rather than using the razor blade to your face closeness of Gillette’s range of products. For some reason manual blades always conjure up an image of a caveman sat on a rock, carving at his stubble with another sharper rock, and for that reason I’ve shied away from manual razors all my life. But being one to accept a challenge I decided to give it a go and thankfully it turned out I just have a rather overactive imagination.

First up they’ve made a range of products to support the new razor which are available from launch (which coincidentally was this Monday so this review is hot off the presses). These include Hydra Gel and Hydra Soothe which we were lucky enough to receive as well. Hydra Gel is for pre shaving and Hydra Soothe is for soothing your tired face after all that hard shaving. Simple, and although I’d never used shaving gel before it’s pretty much common sense, good job too as there’s no instructions on the back of the packaging so you’re on your own!

So after spraying half a can over my face, then rubbing it in, then washing it off and reapplying properly I was ready to begin.

After a quick test it’s easy to conclude that the Gillette Fusion is a ridiculously comfortable and safe way of keeping stubble at bay. It shaved a lot closer than my regular automatic razor and even allowed me more precision so any dreams of having Craig David style facial hair may some day become reality.

As is typical of Gillette each new incarnation of their product has to have at least one more blade every time. It’s tradition and you don’t mess with tradition, so even if it means that by 2050 we’ll all be using 30 bladed machines to do the job, you can bet they’ll still be adding blades. So as you’d expect tradition hasn’t let them down this time with a new blade added once again. Although rather than clump this with the rest it’s now been added to the top of the razor. Confused? Well this little wonder is designed for those of you who want to keep those sideburns trim, and also for getting to the hard to reach places such as under the nose or the base of the chin.

So as you can see it did the job smoothly and effectively, heck I barely felt like I was doing anything at all. And you know what, as quickly as the time it took to read this review the stubble was gone, and with it all my fears of shaving with rocks as well. So gentlemen it seems it really is time to throw away your fears and your 10p Bic razors and give yourself something with a little style.

Gillette Fusion is now available in Boots, Super drug and pretty much everywhere else. It comes in both manual and automatic variations and there’s also a range of pre and post shave products as well.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look closely at the shaved photo you've still got loads of unshaven bristles....suggest you try a Quattro!!

2:57 PM

Blogger Blagman said...

That's probably to do with my lack of experience using a manual razor what with being a first timer and all....

2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey mate if you are going to bother to write a prodcut review do the world a favor next time, don't.

That is perhaps the worst shave I have ever seen any blade give to a human beings face. Yet you describe the blades performance as "smoothly and effectively".

If that is as harsh a critisizm as you can come up with GM has a Corvair they would love you to test drive.

Then you followed with this gem "So gentlemen it seems it really is time to throw away your fears and your 10p Bic razors and give yourself something with a little style."
Yeah it's time to buy a safety razor or a straight razor. Rather than plunk down 3.25 or 3.75 US every 2 or 3 days just to shave. And get a rotten shit shave on top of that.

"It comes in both manual and automatic variations"

you mean it comes in a version that wastes a battery and one that only wastes money.

This whole post reads like a distributed marketing post.

how much are you being paid by Gillette?

1:48 PM

Blogger Blagman said...

It's always good to hear other peoples opinions on the products featured. As I said in the last post the poor shaving photo was down to my first time with a manual razor and the shave has improved as I've gotten better!

Although I wish I was paid for my opinions integrity is worth a lot more.

2:12 PM

Blogger jason.mangiafico said...

I tried the free one they sent me, and it was great the first two times. But by the fourth time, it was like using sandpaper. This thing is terrible; the blades don't last. My trusty old Sensor at least works faily consistantly over about 10-15 or so shaves.

6:52 PM


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