Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Filofax Organisers

If there was one thing I loved when I was younger it was my Funfax. I must have had all sorts from the Beano edition all the way up to a special ‘Top Secret’ edition with secret spy tapes. It was always great fun to fill in the pages of details with weight, height, age, and favourite Beano character. You could then pretend that at 10 years old you had enough of a life to write something in your diary every day (Today: Eat cake, watch TV, sleep). As fun as it was times change and as soon as our school started giving us all special (read: crappy) school diaries that was the end of Funfax organisers for me.

Until today, when this casual little number arrived in my post-box:

Yes while we’ve all been getting older, taller (and a little fatter) Filofax organisers have been there in the background keeping the world organised and up to date. What’s more with the recent launch of some new retro and sporty models they pretty much pick up where we left off all those years ago.

Okay so you can buy personal organisers everywhere now, and if you love Winnie the Pooh or Eeyore there’s probably about a thousand other organisers you could buy but I challenge you to find a brand where every single product in their catalogue is this elegant, stylish and practical. Oh and don’t forget the extra street cred factor that comes from being able to say “Hang on, I’ll just check my Filofax”.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, that Filofax organisers are expensive right? That they are all coated in leather and a hassle to use. Well neither of those points are true. Whilst you can get leather coated £100 prestige items you can also get more casual models between £12 and £30. The one featured on this page is the “Sport” model, which costs just £18.

And whilst you may not get pictures of Beano characters to colour in, you do now get an A-Z section for all your contacts as well as a week by week diary. So for those who don’t rely on Microsoft Outlook or Blackberry’s to handle their day-to-day time management this is the ideal solution. Oh and in case you were wondering the intro page doesn’t ask for your favourite cartoon character any more, just things like passport number and national health number instead which isn’t anywhere near as much fun.

They do however make up for all of this with a fold out map of the world, international dialling codes, weights and measures and a list of notable dates for the year. Ah August 28th Bank Holiday seems a little closer now.

It’s not always a good feeling to see a product from your childhood again. Usually you’ll be met with a horrible realisation of how gullible you were at the time and how little fun you can have with the product now. Thankfully with Filofax, that’s not the case, they’re ready to pick you up on your way and help organise your life whether that be at work, College or University.

You can pick up where you left off at

Or for a funfax click here

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Anonymous curiousmind said...

"Now I know what you’re probably thinking, that Filofax organizers are expensive right? That they are all coated in leather and a hassle to use. Well neither of those points are true." u don’t say how r they not a hassle to use, I think. u know, I think that these filofaxes are so cool and really slick to have, coz it sure bits using a "datebook" and the filofaxes are better to put little cards and bits of paper and stuff, but the thing is…..when u open them to write, its so hard….coz it keeps on trying to close and all…it is I think a bit of a hassle to write on…they’re cooler, but date books are easier to use….I had a “filofax” that had something to which I cant c the point, though it was really professional looking… it had a “day planner” a “week planner” and a “month planner”…I think u must be oprah to have so many things to write in all of them.. I bought a datebook just coz I thought it was a waist of paper all those tabs…I'm not an organized mind so I need something simple and logic, and that was really annoying to me, lol! I loved the piece about filofaxes though!

3:56 PM


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