Friday, August 04, 2006

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Cube World

You’ve probably seen these little guys advertised all over the TV in recent months, and if not you might have seen them popping up in toy stores up and down the country. If you’ve avoided this phenomenom then allow me to shed some light on the situation so far. For the 20 quid asking price you’ll get two cubes which each contain little stick men characters like the ones below:

In my case Radica UK sent me a pack containing ‘Scoop’ and ‘Slim’ and so far there have been 8 characters released across two waves. Each of the stick characters has a unique feature such as a dog, a stick/ pole, a rope and a ball and they each have over 100 animations that you can watch at your own leisure. After activating one of my cubes the stickman decided to greet me by farting at the screen. Er...Nice.

What makes them really interesting is that you can connect the two cubes (or more if you go on a mad shopping spree) together. They’ll then interact with each other by hugging, fighting, talking etc. The unique features of each of your characters can also come in to play here. As I mentioned one character has a dog and one has a stick, it doesn’t take a genius to imagine that a game of fetch is only a second away.

Speaking of games, you also get a small mini game for each cube. To be honest these serve as nothing more than mild diversions. Maybe I’ve just been spoilt by years of video gaming, or the pick up and play factor you can get with the Nintendo DS but the games got played a for 5 minutes and then I barely touched them again.

Then again that seems to be essentially what Cube World is designed for, short quick bursts of entertainment. Take Little Britain, it’s a great show but you wouldn’t want to be force fed to watch it for hours on end. The same applies here if you’re expecting a fantastic never ending show then you’ll only be disappointed. But if you pick up the cubes for 10 minutes every now and then, or even leave them on your desk for an occasional glance they’re great fun.

Cube World is an interesting diversion from the stresses of modern life. It’s fun, easy to pick up and helps pass the time when the boss isn’t looking. With four new characters added this month their world is only getting bigger and better. Definitely one to watch for the future.

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