Tuesday, August 22, 2006

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Boss Selection (Hugo Boss)

Hugo Boss aftershave has always been a personal favourite of mine. It’s very distinctive and generally I’ve been through almost all of their product launches. From ‘BOSS’ to BOSS in motion and even the limited edition BOSS Duo I could always trust them to give me a smell I liked. Then Boss Baldessarini came along and pretty much put me off the whole brand. So when I got a sample of Boss Selection I was a little cautious before applying.

It’s definitely one for those who like a lighter scent, it doesn’t overpower when applying and you’ll need to apply a lot if you want to get people hooked from afar. But then again this is for the man who wants to appear and vanish leaving a quick impression for others to ponder. It’s aimed at the 35-45 year old market so fits in nicely between ‘BOSS’ for younger generations and Baldessarini for the older generation. Personally I’ll stick to Boss Soul but for those willing to try something new you can get your own sample by clicking the link below:

Men - for a free sample click here
Women - for a free sample click here

Read more on Boss Selection (Hugo Boss):

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