Thursday, August 31, 2006

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Berol Fibre Tipped Pens

I’ve always loved to draw, unfortunately I’ve never actually had any actual skill or talent. I can remember sitting in art class constantly getting D’s and wondering what I was doing wrong. After all I was drawing what was in front of me and although it might not always have been great to look at or sometimes even in scale I was always proud that I’d even managed to produce any images on the paper at all.

Nowadays I still can’t draw but just like old times I’m still happy to have the occasional doodle now and then, even if I’m usually the only person who knows what it’s “supposed to be”. This is one of the reasons I blagged some pens from the kind people at Berol. I wanted to see if I could recapture that feeling of drawing just for the sake of it all over again. To help me do this they sent over a pack of 12 fine and 12 broad fibre tipped pens.

First of all the ‘fine’ range is brilliant, perfect for doing small outlines or for going over pencil outlines if you like to draw, outline and then colour in. Me, I like to just draw in felt tips and then pray there’s nothing that needs erasing. I didn’t blag any tip ex so here’s hoping the drawing works out well first time…

You see this is why we don’t have a logo on the site. As you can tell by the bit of the B which is cut off on the left this is also why my art teachers were always telling me to draw an outline in pencil first and then go over it. Oh well. You’ll also notice the nice strong colours from the ‘broad’ set which are generally just for backgrounds and filling in huge gaps. If you’ve only got little gaps then stick to the fine range and they’ll see you through most drawings.

The best bit about these felt tips? You can leave the lids off for 14 days before they start to dry up. On top of that if you happen to draw all over your clothes it’ll come off in a wash making them perfect for kids and messy adults. Although high school leavers if you use these to sign your leavers shirts make sure you don’t wash them or those memories will be gone forever!

Just in case my terrible attempt at drawing a B has put you off Marie’s drawing of AiAi above should prove that with some skill and patience you can still achieve good drawings with Berol fibre tipped pens. Or if like me you just want to do a quick scribble and call it art then that’s good too.

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