Thursday, August 10, 2006

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The Bedlam Cube - Can Anyone Solve It?

No it’s not James Blunt’s new album, it’s a mind bending cube from Bedlam Puzzles. Anyone who watches BBC’s Dragon’s Den will already be familiar with this little baby. It’s probably the most successful product to ever appear on the show, and also one of the best.

Your goal is to take all the assorted pieces out of the box and then put them back in again. Oh and there’s 19,186 possible solutions in your favour as well. Sound like good odds? Trust me they’re not. Finding one of the possible solutions is tough and even if you’re a master of logical thinking you’ll still have a struggle with this. What’s more once you finish it you’ve also got the added challenge of trying to find another solution as well.

What makes the game so tricky is that each of the pieces are slightly different, some are easy lifesavers whilst others are disfigured pains in the backside. Each time you play you’ll look at each of them a little differently. You can hear the inner monologue now: “Maybe you should put that + shaped piece down first this time?” “Maybe you should rotate that piece more to the left?” “Maybe you should throw all the pieces on the floor and start again?”

Like any great product there’s a good community aspect on the company website where it hosts a hall of fame. If you can find a new way of solving the puzzle that hasn’t been done before then you’ll earn your place in Internet history. Well, that and an exclusive gold bedlam cube.

Those who fancy something a little more interesting than the retro cube in our photo will find wooden cubes, purple cubes, chrome cubes and more by clicking our Amazon link at the bottom of the review. Heck they’ll even make a corporate cube or special cube with your favourite football team over at Talk about tailoring to your audience.

So did we manage to crack the cube? Well let’s just say I’m glad we took photos of the cube before we wrote this review! Despite this failure we won’t stop playing now the review is up, we’ll keep trying for 20 minutes every now and then and we’ll get there one day. Bedlam Cubes are addictive, one-more go puzzles. With this and Blokus it looks like odd square cubes are going to take over.

P.S Perplex City addicts this is NOT the Receda Cube, so you'll have to keep searching for that one.

Click here to see Bedlam Cubes on Amazon
Or for the official Bedlam Puzzles website click here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!!

Can you have a slideshow of someone showing you how to finish the Bedlam Cube. That would make it a whole lot easier.

See ya,

10:35 PM


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