Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Perplexed by Perplex City - Review

Perplex City

I'll admit I was captivated by the whole Perplex City craze way before receiving a free packet from GAME this morning. A cross media game where you can win £100,000 by solving a series of clues. Whats not to love?

The ‘game’ comprises of 256 cards which are set to be split across 4 series, or waves, of packs. Wave 3 has just been released which means 198 cards are already out there for you to collect. Each of these cards contains a puzzle, and by solving each puzzle you gain points that can be redeemed online for clues. These clues should then lead you to a “Receda Cube” and by finding the cube first you’ll bag yourself £100,000.


Sound simple? Well getting started it definitely a doddle, packs cost just £2.50 for 6 cards and in each pack you’ll find a mixture of easy and hard puzzles. Some give their answer away in the title, others require a search on the Internet and the rest will take hours of head scratching. In 3 hours I managed to solve almost all the cards (1 is still a bitch!) and for £2.50 that’s fantastic value. Each of the cards contain spectacular artwork, which you can even buy as full size posters from Firebox.

As I mentioned at the start of this review the game is “cross-media” which means in order to solve the puzzles you’ll also have to explore websites and visit real world locations for clues. It’s probably the best example of viral marketing I’ve ever seen and without even trying I found five websites all with further information on the world of Perplex City and the Receda Cube. Die hard fans will no doubt be searching the Internet the world over for further information.


However, like any collectable card game (which is essentially what we have at the heart of the game) you will get duplicates and you will have to fight your way through pack after pack to get the “rare” cards. What is even more likely to destroy your dreams of winning is that 36,000 players have started already which means it’ll be a while before you can catch them up. Needless to say even if you don’t win the £100,000 you’ll still have a fantastic time solving puzzles, racking up points and even meeting new people through the Perplex City site.

So if you don’t mind a challenge you could do a lot worse than picking up your first six cards for only £2.50 Perplex City is an intriguing place of mystery, where every action you take will lead you closer to solving a global mystery. The real world just can’t compare….

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Anonymous Ross said...

why did u tell me about this game, its cost my whole wage pack, my life, my girl n now maybe my job!!!

3:23 AM

Blogger Blagman said...

Glad we could help Ross. By the way Wave 4 was released yesterday..... enjoy!

9:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perplexcity is great game, I've been following it for awhile. I bought some packs and then used ebay and some other sites selling individual cards to get most of the rest. Do a search for some of the individual sites they are generally a better deal than ebay. Some have websites of their own w/better pricing. One of my favorites is www.myperplex.com. They send discount codes every so often, the last one I got was PC10 for 10% off. Good luck finding the cube!

4:01 PM

Blogger Blagman said...

Some bugger found the cube? So looks like no prizes are left (sorry Ross). Still at least we bought some nice cards right... right?

6:50 AM


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