Monday, July 31, 2006

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Mood Beams

Ambient lights have been around for a while now, sitting there glowing different colours and generally being fun for about 5 seconds. After that point you usually decide they look a bit silly and then get up and turn the lights back on. Mood Beams are a little different, they combine the “ooh-aah” feeling of glowing ambient lights with the “oh my god it’s so cute” ideas behind every cuddly toy you’ve ever seen. Oh and they throw in a little bit of iPod culture for good mix as well.


I had no idea what these little blobs were when they arrived in my mailbox this morning from Radica UK. In true caveman style I found hitting them around the head did the trick, and soon found myself rewarded with a cool light show. One gentle pat on the head (or anything that pushes down a little button on their backsides) starts them glowing in all sorts of mental colours. As with any old ambient lights that can get boring quickly, So there’s a couple of other modes thrown in too.

Additional pats of your Mood Beams head activate these other modes. The best of which is a “Beat Sensor” mode. This is activated by holding down their heads for two seconds. After this you can put on some nearby music and watch them glow to the music. It’s almost identical to the iDogs you may have seen around who shake their heads to music from your iPod. The difference is Mood Beams are far less annoying, and you don’t have to worry about entertaining the damn things every five seconds. So Mood Beams 1, iDog 0.

Moon Beam and Bob. Separated at Birth?

If one Mood Beam isn’t enough you can collect all 4 and then pair them up for a little light show. I got the “Silly” version who will be familiar to anyone who has ever seen the movie “Cone heads”. Other Mood Beams go by the names ‘Shy”, ‘Surprised’ and ‘Curious” each with little poses that reflect their names. Most places are shipping these out at random (even though you can see which one you get inside the box!) so don’t be surprised if you order two and end up with duplicate Mood Beams.

Other features that vary between Mood Beams are their special colours and a little heart symbol which glows in a different colour for each one. Again it’s another one of those little things designed to make people go “aww” when they see one.

If ambient lights are your sort of thing you’ll love Mood Beams. They put on a great show and if you pair them up with a nearby set of speakers they’ll go on for hours. As you’ve probably established by now if you’re the sort of person who needs a cute blob for your desk or bedside table, Mood Beams will be happy to light up your life.

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Anonymous David Chesters said...

Its like weeble and bert from Trapdoor had a love child, i love it!! i mite get one they look cool way better than a boring lamp. Nice review mike.

5:33 PM


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