Monday, April 17, 2006

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Hob Nobs Review! (Stay away from mine!)

McVities are a bunch of jokers. Whilst I love them for being the first company to provide us with anything free for the site there's something funny about receiving a one pound voucher from them and then seeing the following price at


As the first rule of the site is that I cant spend a penny in my pursuit of the ultimate product this put me in a bit of a bad situation.

Luckily a quick trip to ASDA and I managed to find not only one packet of hob nobs but two for 99p. Bargain, especially considering the fact that Hob Nobs are by far the best biscuits ever made. Lets examine the evidence:

1) That crunchy soft texture. Dont you just want to eat them all up? doncha! DONCHA!

2) The way they survive dunks in even the strongest cups of tea (Peter Kay cant be wrong).

3) The fact you'd set up a whole website just to get some! (Maybe thats just me).

4) The way you turn your back for 5 seconds and theyve all gone.

Well maybe that last part is a bit of a downer, just make sure you dont eat them with anyone else around! There should be no doubt HobNobs are the king of biscuits and I challenge anyone to come up with a better biscuit. Feel free to leave comments on your favourite but Im all for nobbly oaty chocolately goodness.

Read more on Hob Nobs Review! (Stay away from mine!):

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Anonymous Adam said...

Damn You Tesco's!! Then again, they'll never foil blagman and his antics! Hobnobs are my #1 choice anyways!

9:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hobnobs....kinda rude name isnt it? I dont partically like to buy anything that has nob in it! lol. Although I do have to say that hobnobs are yummy!

12:12 PM

Blogger 20something said...

as peter kay says, they're the SAS of biscuits "dunk me again!"

1:23 PM

Blogger Blagman said...

Cheers Adam, if anything Tesco are partly responsible for this HobNobs based mess.

Oh and Peter Kay = Legend.

6:49 AM


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