Friday, December 15, 2006

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Blags of the Year 2006 Part 1

With only 2 weeks left of the year it’s about time I celebrated some of the best and more bizarre products to arrive in the first year of Sure it may be a bit premature but if you’re struggling for last minute present ideas look no further. I’ll be posting a couple more updates before the end of the year including Part 2 very soon, but for now sit back and relax as I recap the Blagman journey so far:

Most Expensive Blag – Chrono (£150)
You can judge a good blagger by the value of the stuff they get for free so I can think of no better place to start than Chrono. Essentially a giant diary, Chrono includes pages for recording every important moment for your life including your love life, favourite songs, cars, houses, money and more. It’s the time capsule for the 21st century!

Fastest Postal Blag - Bedlam Cube (16 hours)
This award records the time it took me to get from an initial phone call to receiving something in the post. Generally when blagging products there’s quite a delay between asking for something and receiving so companies can check that you really have a website, and that you are who you say you are. In the case of the Bedlam Cube the product arrived in a mere 16 hours which was pretty incredible given that the company owner who sent it, Danny Bamping, wasn’t even in the UK at the time.

Most Useful Blag - Filofax
What good is getting stuff for free if it won’t fit in to your everyday life? Several products from the past year have found their way in to my life but non-more so than the Filofax organiser I received back in August. Since then it’s become my permanent companion wherever I go and makes my life easier in a number of ways.

Biggest Blag - Slim-Fast
Back in September I was confused as to exactly why Unilever would send me eight cartons of their Adez drink when one would have sufficed. Since then other big blags include 9 lip glosses from L’Oreal and 11 products from Brylcream (essentially a years supply!) but neither of those bundles can hold a torch to the daddy of them all - 19 products from Slim-Fast. This bundle included everything from shakes, pretzels, snack bars and soup, easily making it the biggest blag so far.

Most Enjoyable Blag – Evel Knievel Deluxe Dare Devil Set
Not only was this one of my favourite toys of the year it was also one of the best toys I’ve ever played with. Sure it’s noisier than a jet leaving Heathrow but for all the stunts and tricks it lets you pull of it’s worth every penny and reminded me why I started asking for toys to review in the first place.

Don't forget to check back next week when I annouce my Blag of the Year, Least Enjoyable Blag and even which product has the most fanatical fans. Enjoy the weekend!

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